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Electrical Maintenance & Service

When it comes to electrical systems there is a careful equilibrium that always needs to be struck, as well as codes and regulations that need to be met. For this, you need regular maintenance and service, even when it seems as if everything is working fine. The only way you can be sure your electrical systems are in perfect working order is to call in the experts.

Section 63 of the Safety Standards Act of British Columbia prohibits the use, operation, and maintenance or repair of electrical equipment unless authorized under a permit.

It is the responsibility of building and facility owners who have regulated electrical equipment as indicated in Canadian Electrical Code Directive D-E3 070812 7 to have electrical operating permits.

Benefits of the Operating Permit

An operating permit ensures that building and facility owners have direct access to one of our Certified FSRs who will provide technical guidance and direction and can provide assistance for the development of a continuous preventative electrical safety program. 

Our FSRs provide the owners with dedicated technical knowledge and are responsible for conducting regular inspections of electrical equipment at the facility. We also provide advice and oversight of electrical work being performed for the building/facility owner.

At Patriot Electric we assist owners to conduct business in ways that help them to be successful while managing their risk and liability. Managing electrical risks means owners need:

Thermal Imaging

We’re committed to being as thorough and detailed in our maintenance services as possible — that’s why we use thermal imaging. Thermal imaging allows us to detect problems within the electrical system that aren’t visible to the naked eye in a way that avoids causing unnecessary disruption. Contact Us