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How you light your home doesn’t just matter from an energy standpoint — it sets the mood, guides your emotions, and helps your home feel like a comfortable space for everyone. As certified experts in lighting design (all our staff are Lutron certified Level 2), we can help guide you on both aesthetics and energy efficiency — helping to make your home a perfect space for you. 

For the perfect environment — you need to be in control. We can design your lighting systems to be fully automated. This means lighting that is responsive to your feedback: with just the touch of a button you can control colours, brightness, customize pre-settings, and more for all the lights in a seventy-foot radius. 

Lighting Services Include: 

Chandelier Installation

A chandelier is a striking centrepiece, one that adds style and elegance to any room. It’s also a piece that requires real skill and care to install — and after spending all that money on an amazing lighting feature, why settle for less than the best? We’ll ensure all the safety measures have been considered, and that there is sufficient power reaching your chandelier. Contact Us

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting (light housing, which is installed above the ceiling line, reducing the visibility of the light fixture) is a subtle and sleek option ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and directional mood lighting. We will ensure that the more difficult aspects, such as the ceiling wiring, are taken care of with professionalism and minimal interruption. Contact Us


A dimmer switch is an affordable and effective way to control your lighting. It allows you to set the brightness levels, which not only changes the atmosphere, but saves energy. We can install a dimmer switch on your newly installed light or upgrade your current pole switch. Contact Us


One of the most common mistakes we see is attempted DIY light switch installation. While it may seem simple, like all electrical work, it’s best left to the professionals. We’ll ensure your light switches are installed safely and precisely. Contact Us

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is all about drawing the eye to features and creating visual separation. Whether it’s wall-mounted fixtures, floor lighting, table lamps, or more, accent lighting is brighter and bolder than ambient lighting and usually directed at a feature area.

It’s a great way to add style and personality to a room — and with our design expertise to help guide you, we can turn it into the perfect touch for your property. Contact Us

Under Cabinet Lighting

Under-cabinet lighting is both a stylish and practical option. Usually reserved for kitchens, these are strips of lighting that are placed beneath cabinets, illuminating the worktop and providing a striking visual atmosphere. We’ll help make sure you get a visual style that matches the surfaces of your kitchen, and that everything is installed correctly and safely. Contact Us

Lighting Repair

If there’s an issue with your lighting there are two things you need reliably and quickly — someone to diagnose the problem, and someone to fix it. We can ensure you get both. As trained experts who understand every aspect of electrical systems, we know how to solve and repair any lighting problems you may have. Contact Us