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Emergency Systems & Safety

Nothing is more important than due diligence when it comes to life and safety. It’s not only a legal requirement, but it ensures your building is a safe place for people to live and work. Within British Columbia there are a variety of legal safety requirements every building must meet. We work to ensure your building is safe and fully protected in the following ways: 

Carbon Monoxide Testers & Alarms

Carbon Monoxide is difficult to detect — and a potentially lethal hazard. That’s why if you have any fuel-burning appliances in your property you must have a working and correctly placed carbon monoxide detector/alarm.

For new buildings this is now a legal requirement: under the 2018 BC Building Code, carbon monoxide detector/alarms are required in all newly constructed buildings, including hotels, if a fuel-burning appliance such as a gas stove, fireplace, gas water heater or dryer is present. Contact Us

Surge Protection

Surge protectors are vital for maintaining the continuity and integrity of your electrical systems. They work by blocking voltage amounts over a set threshold and either grounding or blocking it.

Without surge protection, your appliances and electronics, including audio, computer and specialized equipment are at risk of damage, reduced lifespan, burned wires, and data loss. As well, often the product warranty becomes invalid, and insurance coverage will not apply. Contact Us

Smoke Detectors

Under British Columbia law, smoke alarms are mandatory in all dwellings (this includes homes and sleeping quarters). They are also required to be changed every ten years, or as per the manufacturers’ recommendation to ensure full operationality. It’s easy to understand why — smoke detectors are a vital prevention tool in the early detection of fire and other hazards.

We will always take the time to educate consumers on the “best” maintenance practices to ensure the manufacturer’s recommendations are known for optimal operation throughout the life of each warning device. Contact Us

Commercial Heat Detectors

Heat/thermal detectors are ideal for locations where a smoke detector would not meet the intent. Commercial applications are required to have provisions for such devices. Careful consideration is taken by consultants and engineers to meet the intent of safety in areas that may become subject to high heat but not fire. We ensure these installations are done according to the consulting engineers and all relative building and safety codes. Contact Us

Safety Inspections

In order to truly make sure your building is safe and up to code, the Canadian Electrical Code requires that electrical installations require a permit. All permitted installations will be declared safe by Patriot Electric and then inspected by the authority having jurisdiction. We have a long-lasting reputation of quality installations in every region on southern Vancouver Island. Contact Us


We have worked alongside mechanical contractors over decades of new and renovation construction projects. This has provided us installers with insight and knowledge of both building code and best practice installation techniques.

We bring this experience to consumers that don’t require the services of a full-fledged mechanical contractor, but the assurance of a bonded electrical contractor who is more than capable of providing quality installation of bathroom exhaust fan or range hood ventilation. Contact Us