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Green Energy: Electric Cars

Electrical vehicles are the future of transportation; a revolution that Patriot Electric is at the forefront of, leading the way as one of Vancouver Island’s leading suppliers and installers of EV chargers and other such supplies and systems. 

Patriot Electric can make sure your home is fully equipped to handle the demands of an EVSE, as we are authorized to install any CSA certified EVSE of up to 600 volts and any amperage.

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What is the cost of installing an electric car charging station at home, work, condo or apartment?

One of the most confusing aspects of switching to an electric vehicle is deciding on how and where to recharge. Is there a publicly available station in your neighbourhood? Or where you work? To maximize the savings, benefits, and convenience that an electric vehicle offers, have a charging station installed in your home.

The requirements in the installation of an EV home charging station include:

We are also able to service and repair EVSEs and provide a unique solution that could save you money and time. If your home or condo doesn’t get enough ampacity from your current electrical panel to install a new EVSE, we offer an EVEMS (Electrical Energy Management systems). These EVEMS are less expensive and easier for our customers than a full-service upgrade.

A/C and EV?

Every additional air conditioner, heat pump, and electric vehicle recharger added to a building increases electrical power consumption. Most buildings electric systems have not been built to account for this. Read about our Heat Pump Viability Assessments

Incentive Programs

There are now even more reasons to get one-with multiple incentive programs offered to cover both the cost of EVSE installations and the vehicle itself. 

Make sure your EVSE needs are being looked after by a trusted name

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