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Royal Bay

Royal Bay is a Seaside Community representing one of BC’s largest buildouts, with over 3000 new homes under construction. The ultimate goal of the project is to provide the community with modern housing that deploys all the latest technological innovations, from street lighting to irrigation control.

For over 3 years, Patriot has been fortunate to be one of GableCraft’s trade partners on this project, providing services such as:

In addition to providing these services and installations to an exceptionally standard — we are also able to use our expertise as certified EV & EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) installers. Due to load demands in an area that has known power challenges, we brought to the market available EVEMS (Electric Vehicle Energy Management systems). This will provide the ability to manage the new EVSE load demand without ever overloading or exceeding the electrical service capacity. These EVSE installations were an integral part of the innovative modern vision for the neighbourhood.

We weren't just able to provide solutions like these for the finished construction — we were also able to help facilitate the construction itself by providing solutions for re-usable temporary construction power and stand by power to the construction teams during the build.

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