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Shoreline Orthodontics

Patriot was fortunate to be working with the Construction Managaer (Agius Builders) on this high end renovation. Patriot was invited to be a part of this project from the start. You may ask why Patriot? It is because we have the ability to work effectively and efficiently with industry professionals who demand the very best in a sub trade, especially one so important as the electrical. From design consulting, high level budgeting, preferred pricing from suppliers, huge support from industry leaders in lighting, to the highly skilled installers & EIT’s supporting all that goes into a high quality finsihed project.

Patriot was a part of the entire renovation of Shoreline Orthodontics which involved a full redesign of the buildings existing electrical distribution to allow for the combination of two units into one. 

Construction Manager: Agius Builders

Project Category:

Commercial Projects